Double Deflection Grille

Type DDG – without damper

Type DDG/D – with damper


Usually used as a supply grille

This type of grille has two banks of individual adjustable blades to allow air throw to go in both horizontal and vertical directions. The horizontal being at the front of the grille and vertical blades at the rear and set at 90 degrees to each other.

If you require a damper this would be adjustable through the blades using a screwdriver.

Made from extruded aluminum

Standard frame – 32mm bevelled but 25mm flat flange also available

Overall dimensions – nominal plus 45mm

Overall depth – 47mm without damper or 91mm with damper

Minimum wall depth – 41mm without damper or 85mm with damper

Free area – 70% and with damper 70% fully open

Standard colour – satin anodized but also available in white, RAL or BS Colours.

Hinged or removable core also available to allow filter and access to ductwork.