Aluminium Non Vision Grilles

Type NVG1 – Standard

Type NVG2 with Backing Flange

Type NVGS Slimline Surface Mounted



A very robust grille made from extruded aluminum and recommended for internal use only.

Used when some privacy is required and yet ventilation is vital.

Fixed blades are angled to stop sight from any angle through the grille but still allowing sufficient free air to maintain ventilation.

Standard finish is satin anodised. White or RAL or BS colours are also available.

The NVGS is ideal for a door as its flush mounted to sit proud on the door. Our Fire Blocks can also be incorporated with these.

Application Supply and extract vision proof recessed grille Supply and extract vision proof grille with backing frame Supply and extract surface mounted grille most suitable for doors
Blades Fixed chevron Fixed chevron Fixed
Frame 32mm bevelled 32mm bevelled Check
Overall dimensions Nominal plus 45mm Nominal plus 45mm Nominal plus 45mm
Overall depth 46mm 46mm minimum

66 maximum

Free Area 38% 38% 38%